Nuovo Lip Refresh
Nuovo Lip Refresh
Nuovo Lip Refresh

Nuovo Lip Refresh

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What It Does:

The Collagen Lip Fine Line Care balm moisturizes and smoothes as it plumps and tingles. Natural oils such as peppermint and sweet almond work together with pharmaceutical-grade peptides to increase the fullness of lips while hydrating, softening, and volumizing. Lips are noticeably fuller and smoother, while fine lines are reduced.


Apply to lips at least twice daily to plump, smooth, and hydrate.


How it Works:

Patented peptide formulation SYN®-COLL promotes collagen production, smoothing in gaps to reduce fine lines and giving the lips a fuller, younger appearance. Stimulating ingredients such as peppermint oil and VOLULIP™ plumper boost hydration and volume by increasing hyaluronic acid levels in the lips, moisturizing, softening, and creating a visibly fuller, smoother lip.

SYN®-COLL A tripeptide developed as a safe alternative to collagen injections that boosts and protects collagen to effectively diminish fine lines and wrinkles on and around the lips.

VOLULIP™ A hydrating lip complex derived from the Portulaca pilosa plant that plumps and smooths lips with natural bioactive phytochemicals and peptides.

NaturaBase™ A stable carrier base for topical skin applications that contains 94% natural ingredients and provides a stable emulsion for delivery of the formulations in the Collagen Lip Fine Line Care.


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